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Expeditionsyacht & Bluewater yachts

For long-distance sailors and expedition trips

We manufacture sailing yachts as series or individual constructions in sizes from 36 to 118 feet. All our yachts are built on the basis of aluminum and can be built according to your wishes in close cooperation with renowned design- and construction offices as well as our cooperation partners and shipyards.

All yachts are manufactured according to CE standards / See BG and so our bluewater yachts meet the high safety and quality requirements. All our hulls are generally manufactured with higher strength values and depth than required by the CE standard / See BG. This benefits is your safety. CE certifications are subject to certification after the completion of your yacht. An approval by Germanischer Lloyd is possible at the request of the owner. Basically we differentiate between the two areas of bluewater yachts and expedition yachts. Both yacht types are built as decksaloon yachts. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

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Long cruising yachts

Our bluewater yachts we build them with the same level of detail and love as our expedition yachts, but less for extreme situations such as driving into the eternal ice. The construction is a little lighter and the hull of the bluewater yacht has a thickness of 8-10mm in the area of the underwater line. In addition, systems can be set up semi or fully automatically / electrically. Our blue water yachts are designed for small crews of 1-3 people and are built as owner or charter yachts.

Expedition yachts

Our expeditions yachts are built for extreme situations for the private and charter sector. Not only that the hull has a much thicker material hull of 10-20mm at the underwater line, but also that all components are duplicated, especially semi-automatic systems that can be operated manually in order to ensure the full functionality of an expedition yacht even in the most remote regions of the world guarantee.


A decksaloon yacht not only offers a first-class design, but also describes a high level of comfort for life on board. Functionality, quality of life and safety are our top priority. In addition, our long-trip and bluewater yachts are planned in such a way that even small crews of 1 to 3 people have optimal handling and can safely go on long-haul trips. When designing, we not only paid attention to a good balance between cockpit and decksaloon, but also made conscious decisions in terms of functionality and safety. In addition, several watertight bulkheads are installed to ensure the highest possible level of safety and to ensure stability and buoyancy even in the event of water ingress. The door to the cockpit or the deck saloon can be closed completely watertight. In addition, the goal is always to create a good sail pattern, whereby functionality, safety and handling are also important here. The interior can be selected individually and should ultimately meet your wishes – feel good on all seas!

Informationen im Detail

For a first-class long-distance yacht, high-quality and seawater-resistant aluminum is required. Depending on your wishes and price orientation, we use aluminum alloys: EN AW 5059 / Alustar, EN AW 5083 H111, EN AW 6060 T6

Aluminum not only has very good and high strength, which is ideal for the construction of our bluewater yachts, but is also easy to care for and forms an oxidation layer to protect the outer skin. As a result, there is no further decay of the ship, as z. B. steel is known instead. And, of course, aluminum offers a high level of safety in the event of collisions with flotsam or other obstacles, as well as falling dry in deep water. Repairs can be carried out more easily and inexpensively. Even with this high strength, aluminum weighs about 35% less than steel. During processing, great care is taken when welding the aluminium. Fear of galvanic currents is superfluous with our bluewater and expedition yachts.

Aluminum thicknesses:

  1. Deck 3-8mm
  2. Hull above waterline 4-8mm
  3. Hull below the waterline 8-20 mm

Great care is also taken when laying the electrical system on board our bluewater and expedition yachts. To ensure that there are no galvanic currents, each installation is meticulously controlled, which is attributed not only to the galvanic current, but also to its proper functioning. This saves subsequent improvements during the shipyard acceptance. In addition, we only use selected electrical and technical components that we already know and can therefore ensure that a function is guaranteed over a longer period of time.

Every project begins with detailed planning. In preliminary discussions with the owner, we define the requirements for your bluewater yacht, discuss your wishes and requirements, determine the size of your bluewater yacht and also set a maximum budget. From this we create a preliminary design. This design consists of an overview (internal view), a sail plan, a side view of the underwater hull and a deck plan. At this stage only the main lines are drawn without any further details or explanations. A contact person is available at all times to answer all your questions and advise you.

The preliminary draft is intended to give you an overview of your construction project that is as realistic as possible in order to avoid later changes. A preliminary design costs 2.5% of the estimated construction costs. If the preliminary draft meets your expectations, release it. As soon as the preliminary design meets your requirements, FORTIS will use the design to create an offer for the construction of your bluewater yacht. If you decide to have the bluewater yacht built by FORTIS, a construction contract will be concluded. The costs you incurred for the preliminary design will then be deducted from the construction costs. In the next step, the construction plans are created. We work together with well-known engineers and designers. The result is detailed construction drawings of the fuselage and interior fittings. These are the basis for carrying out all aluminum work.

These plans also serve to prepare the interior design. In this phase, the previous plans are modified if necessary and further developed. The plan focuses on the general plan, deck layout and midship section plan. Topics covered in this phase are: weight, stability and strength calculations, and space allocation. The time required for drafting a contract is 2-4 months. During this phase you are under no obligation to commission your blue water yacht. However, the drawings created remain the property of FORTIS. The amount paid for the contract design will not be refunded. With the conclusion and thus signing of the construction contract, a building site, a so-called ÔÇťslotÔÇŁ, is reserved. You can also book a building site before signing a construction contract, for example in the event that the planning phase has not yet been completed. In such a case you can book a building plot for a deposit of 15% of the final purchase price based on the offer. When the construction contract is concluded, this deposit will be offset against the first or second installment. Your booking is valid until the agreed date. However, if no construction contract is concluded, the deposit cannot be refunded.

When choosing the interior that suits you, we are also at your side with our ideas and experience. We will consider the question of whether it is a classic design with wood or modern, clear lines together with you and will assist you in finding your individual style. In addition to the regular plans, we also offer the possibility of a detailed 3D model of your individual yacht. You can walk through this 3D model using VR glasses. This gives you a feeling for the size and layout of your long-distance yacht at a very early stage. In addition, discrepancies can be resolved in good time and, above all, inexpensively. As a rule, the creation of a 3D model of your long-distance yacht is cheaper than later changes.

Yacht building is a very complex process with numerous trades that build on each other and have to be coordinated. There are also several suppliers of machines, technical equipment and materials. Countless packages quickly accumulate that have to be handled and finally installed. A site manager is appointed for each new build or refit project and regularly attends meetings and construction reviews. Change requests are also discussed here and are incorporated into the planning and construction process. You will also receive regular feedback, images and drawings, which you must sign for approval and send back to your site manager.

It should be mentioned here that the shipyards are currently very busy, so you have to expect a certain waiting time before you get a „building slot“. Planning should start at least 2 years in advance.

The construction phase begins with the binding signature of the construction contract. The aluminum plates are cut and the construction phase begins. After all the parts have been cut, the keel is laid and the hull and superstructure are assembled. These are manufactured separately and only „married“, i.e. assembled, at a later point in time.

Experience has shown that the construction of the hull takes 5-10 months, depending on the size of your bluewater or expedition yacht. After completion of the metal construction work, the interior work takes place. This has already been prepared, since our bluewater and long-distance yachts are manufactured in modular construction. During the installation of the interior fittings, the installation of machines, devices, the electrics, as well as all necessary lines and instruments takes place in parallel. Depending on the complexity, the interior work can take another 12-15 months. During this phase, regular meetings with the project manager and site management are planned and carried out in the shipyard. However, so that you are not without information in the meantime, we regularly update an online photo album created for you, including regular reports. As a result, you are always informed about the current construction progress of your long-haul yacht.

After completion of your long-distance yacht, first tests are carried out on land, if these have been successfully completed, the first watering and mast installation takes place. In addition, there is a check for water ingress and leaks in the water-carrying connections. During the subsequent test drive, an engine check is carried out, the on-board electronics are checked, as well as their calibration and the adjustment of all systems. After the test drive and the improvements that have been recorded, your blue water yacht will be brought back to the shipyard and final repairs will be made. This is followed by the complete equipment of your blue water yacht, if desired. This usually takes 4-6 weeks.

As with any project, faulty components or improvements are usually only discovered in day-to-day operations. Therefore, the first year should be extensively used by the owner and everything should be thoroughly tested. In order to be able to correct errors or make repairs, it should be used near the shipyard. Of course, we not only take care of your needs during the warranty period, but also years later.

Fixed price: Based on the construction contract, we agree on a fixed price at which we hand over your bluewater yacht ready to sail as described in the construction contract. Payment is based on a payment plan. The fixed price option is the most popular.


  • 20% deposit upon project signing
  • 30% at the beginning of the construction phase
  • 35% at the beginning of the interior work
  • 10% at the beginning of the test phase
  • 5% on acceptance

Variable price: The budget is completely open when pricing is based on actual or actual calculations. All labor and material costs are calculated on the basis of the post-calculation. Labor costs are calculated based on an agreed hourly rate. Materials are charged at cost plus a predetermined mark- up percentage. One advantage is that the usual down payment of 20-30% of the yacht price is reduced to 10-15%. Payment is only made when the order is placed, which protects your liquidity and significantly reduces the risk of default. Costs for wages and other work are only calculated after the construction phase. In addition, you can make changes to the construction project at any time, which makes it difficult to define the time frame if major changes follow.

Small projects: Are billed as a daily rate. You will receive an individual offer for this.

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