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Fire Cause Determination

Determination of the cause of fire for yachts, houseboats, inland waterways and seagoing vessels as well as offshore installations

Due to the existing training in the field of seafaring, the determination of the cause of fire as well as firefighting on the part of the professional fire brigade technical (B3) training and the special course in sea and offshore firefighting, there is not only experience in determining the cause of fire, but also in firefighting. Ship fires are among the most dangerous and complex fires. They always represent a special danger risk.

Special experience is required here. Even with ever stricter regulations by the responsible organizations, authorities and classification societies, fires cannot be completely prevented.

Bulkheads (structural partitions) prevent the fire from spreading to other areas on board or to the loaded containers/cargo holds, provided firefighting has been initiated quickly and effectively. This fire compartment formation must be taken into account when investigating a fire, fire investigations are not only necessary in the fire area. The rooms adjacent to the actual fire room must also be checked. In such fires, there is an extremely high thermal conductivity of the steel in adjacent compartments, which makes it e.g., secondary fires can occur. This phenomenon can also occur in reverse, where the actual cause of the fire did not arise from the large damaging fire.

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As experts to clarify the causes of fire, we work together with the police, public prosecutors and courts as well as representatives of law firms, insurance companies, banks, industry, trade and commerce. Private individuals are also among our customers. We work worldwide for our clients. As fire experts, we always work objectively.

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